In Home Retreats

Learning TM is helps build the foundation to your personal growth. During TM, you are dedicating 20 minutes to observe the thoughts that come up during during your practice. There is abeauty to your experience, your personal thoughts and how they inspire you to shape your life.

The experience of TM has no rules or trends, it just inspires women regardless of your age, shape, lifestyle or occupation to be a better version.

Twenty Minutes practicing TM fills your soul, heals your heart, and moves your life forward.

We have recently been getting questions about how to create and in-home retreat. Here are some ideas that our own team has tried at home:

  • Fresh Flowers

    Place a bunch of pretty flowers near you while you meditate.

  • Journal

    One way to recognize your feelings, catch your inspiration and increase your awareness is to jot down your thoughts.

  • Eat Simply on pretty plates

    Many luxury retreats feed their clients simple easy to digest food. Consider planning your “Me time” in advance and having ready-to-serve cucumber water.

  • Invite a Friend

    Doing TM with a friend is fun. You can share your experiences and enjoy each others presence. They can also check on you to see how you are feeling.

  • Airplane Mode

    The best way to get sleep at night is not to have that pesky phone blue light turn on. Consider switching it on after morning meditation.

  • Pause Social Media

    Try to stick to common retreat practice – limiting social media and cell phone use during your personal time.